Mindfulness has many applications, with our focus being on providing practical Mindfulness and Psychology training to use in everyday life. We deliver CPD Training to Healthcare Professionals, 8 Week Mindfulness Courses to Healthcare Professionals and deliver Free Development Workshops to Healthcare Professionals.

We also run Mindfulness at Work training to organisations and leaders, with our Workplace Mindfulness Programmes and Mindfulness in Leadership and wellbeing webinars.

Our new online Mindfulness course is pre-recorded so that you can access at your leisure. We have also trained some of the best training providers with our Mindfulness Train the Trainer courses.

We teach our courses to both large and small public groups, Teachers, Healthcare Professionals, Managers and Leaders.

Mindfulness is quite a large topic, but we might look at it as becoming more aware. Mindfulness can be seen as a conscious direction of our awareness. If we practice mindfulness, we start to become more aware of whatever is happening in each moment, and with time we can start to tap into our natural capacity for compassion and acceptance, moment by moment.

Sometimes referred to as being a medicine that can free us from desire, mindfulness practice can bring feelings of connection, peace and nourishment.

When we are mindless and on autopilot we are less aware of situations, thoughts, feelings and sensations that can trigger old habitual ways of thinking and reacting that might not be that helpful.

What approach does Poole Mindfulness use?
With mindfulness practice you can really learn how your attention works. The real trick to learn is when things need your attention, and when they don’t. So when something in your mind calls for your attention such as a worry or fear, you can almost have an internal dialogue where you notice the worry pop into your present moment awareness, and you ask “does this need my attention?” There’s real wisdom in knowing the answer to that question in the moment. Or maybe you have chronic pain, and your pain is calling for your attention, we can learn how much attention that pain needs. The more we learn how to direct and use our attention, the more freedom we have. I see my role as firstly teaching you how attention works, and then how you can master it. With quality courses and consistent positive feedback, we are here to meet all of your needs.

What is mindfulness?
The term Mindfulness is used to refer to being present with awareness with whatever is happening in the moment. Mindfulness practice is about developing a skill that can enable us to live with more engagement in the present, and to view our thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations and environment with more spaciousness, acceptance and without judgement.

Mindfulness practice can help people cope with stress, change and uncertainty, and can improve your ability to respond mindfully, rather than react without awareness. With practice, we end up spending less time thinking about the past, and less time imagining the future, which means more time living in the present moment. This can then lead to more confidence, calm and emotional intelligence in our lives.