The challenge:

Mindfulness brings so many benefits and has a growing evidence-base, but what if you can't get your patients to try it, or stick to it?


Learn How To Increase Engagement With Mindfulness In Your Clinical Work

Suitable for anyone who wishes to use mindfulness in their work.  If you would like to incorporate mindfulness into your work but struggle to get patients to engage, this CPD training will address the common obstacles you come across. And it might benefit you too! 

Dealing with resistance in clients, this 2 hour CPD explores the following:

  • How to Introduce Mindfulness to any patient
  • Mindful…what? - What to call Mindfulness
  • Dealing with initial resistence in clients
  • Dealing with resistance in yourself
  • Knowledge is power - How understanding the Neurobiology of Mindfulness increases willpower and motivation
  • How Mindfulness changes the brain on a neuro-biological basis. And we can see it in brain scans
  • Starting Mindfulness, and staying with it
  • Dealing with busy patients – How to make mindfulness a habit that sticks, despite not having the time.
  • How to deal with skeptical patients
  • Motivational Interviewing – Motivating different patients in quick, simple and easy ways.
  • Brain Training - Just because it sounds simple, doesn’t mean it’s easy

Delivered live via Zoom, this interactive CPD will help you work with mindfulness in your clinical work. The added benefit of this training is that it will also increase your own resilience, as well as your patients'.


"Chris is an expert in making mindfulness practical". Tom, OT


2 Hour CPD Certificate

Various dates


Delivered by Chris Finn, lead Trainer for Poole Mindfulness & Psychology

Chris has worked in senior positions in the NHS and has worked with thousands of people using Mindfulness in his career. He now specialises in helping other healthcare professionals enhance their existing skillset.

Chris Finn