Using Motivational Interviewing (MI) To Enhance Engagement In Patients With Low Mood, Depression, & Anxiety

MI is a conversational technique used to engage with patients, and facilitate positive behaviour change. It can be hard when patients struggle to engage in the exercises and actions that you know will support their recovery. MI is a fantastic tool for you to tap into your patient's own values and motivation for change. Giving the power back to the patient, you can help them to help themselves.

Often you do not get as much time with a patient as you would hope, we will show you how to incorporate MI principles into the clinical time you have available.

Level: No prior knowledge of MI is assumed, however the course will also appeal to those with some knowledge looking for a refresher and to develop their practical skills with the model.

By the end of the workshop you will:

  • Develop/refresh your knowledge of the stages of change cycle and determine individual’s readiness.
  • Understand the nature of ambivalence and the influence of common mental health factors.
  • Develop your practical skills with different conversational techniques to work with resistance and ambivalence.

Suitable for Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and other Allied Health Professionals. Specially adapted for use with patients in healthcare, this interactive course teaches you how to utilise the principles of MI to enhance engagement.


"Chris and Liam were both very knowledgeable and gave lots of insight and examples of what you can do to help individuals move forward. It was great and works well for many different organisations". (Whitney)


3 hour CPD Certificate

Venue: Online

Cost: £47.00


Date: Tuesday 1st February 2022

Time: 09:00 - 12:00

If your Trust or other employer will be paying for this course, we accept purchase orders and can issue an invoice on request. Email us here.

Delivered by Liam Williams, Clinical Psychologist

Liam has extensive experience supporting behavioural change in individuals with acute and long term physical health conditions.

Liam Williams

"The Motivational Interviewing training was really interesting and very relevant to my role as a Neuro-Physiotherapist. It will enable my skills of communicating with patients, carers, and colleagues. The course was very well run with an appropriate level of content. I will definitely recommend this course". (Jenny, OT)