Mindfulness at Work

Mindfulness in the workplace, Dorset


Health and safety at work used to mean looking after the physical safety of your staff. Now, as it should, this now extends to employers supporting employee’s mental health.

Not only does this benefit the employee, it also benefits the work place. Figures by Bupa show that poor mental health costs Dorset businesses £64.5 million per year. Dorset Mind show that these figures extend to each employee costing the business £1,382. Last year stress, anxiety and depression was attributed to 44% of absences. A little investment now can create a huge difference in your organisation's future.

It's quite interesting how there is still a lot of resistance in workplaces investing any time or money in their employees wellbeing. When the research shows that it is well worth it. Here's a metaphor that comes to mind. When the plumbing breaks down at work, the boss doesn't think twice about calling a plumber to fix it. And you think that it is a worthwhile cost. And it is. The plumber has trained for a few years to become an expert in that area, and so it will cost to fix it.

We trained for seven years, specialising in wellbeing at work. For a reasonable fee we can train you about stress in the workplace, employee engagement, mental health, mindfulness or almost anything else you can think of to do with getting the best from your people. It is a worthwhile and even a necessary expense that will provide a sound return on investment.

Our courses have been shown to improve mental health in the workplace by increasing resilience to stress and increased emotional awareness. Other benefits also come such as increased productivity, greater creativity and problem solving at work as well as increased staff satisfaction.

Our mental health awareness courses are getting more and more popular helping managers and other employees communicate to those experiencing difficulties. Mindfulness at work is becoming increasingly popular with leaders starting to realise the benefits of a mindful work place.

More and more businesses are supporting their employee’s mental health. Don’t get left behind.

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