Mindfulness for Leaders

Are you a leader or manager? Mindfulness can enhance your leadership skills and can help to:

  • Manage change and uncertainty
  • Reduce staff absence
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase staff retention
  • Reduce presenteeism
  • Increase employee wellbeing
  • Increase resilience in yourself, your team, and your organisation
  • Reduce conflict and improve team cohesion


The leading cause of work-related absence in the UK is due to stress, anxiety and depression. With Mindfulness being one of the most recommended solutions for these conditions, bringing Mindfulness to leadership can address these challenges from the top down.

With significant research showing reductions in stress and improved concentration and productivity, it is a win-win for businesses.

Mindfulness at work will benefit both the business, and the employee, with research showing reduced sick days, less stress and burnout, greater workplace satisfaction and improved attention and memory.

Here is just one statistic for you;

Investing in employee wellbeing can reduce stress related absence by 67% (Netterstrom, 2019).

Backed up by the latest science, this training will equip you to understand how you can become a mindful leader and inspire and support others in your workplace.

It has never been more important to improve the resilience of an organisation.

Delivered by Chris Finn, Mindfulness Teacher and Wellbeing Consultant. Chris has delivered Mindfulness at Work Programmes to local, national, and international organisations and has developed this training from his insight and experience in a range of organisations and across many industries. Chris spent over 10 years in senior positions in the corporate world, before retraining in Occupational Psychology and now specialises in helping organisations get the best out of their people.

Chris Finn Mindfulness

"Chris is fantastic and delivered an incredible mindfulness program for my business and myself personally and would highly recommend his services". Gemma, Managing Director

What’s covered in this training:

  • Research and evidence-base of Mindfulness in the workplace
  • Previous case studies
  • What makes a Mindful Leader
  • How Mindfulness increases resilience
  • An introduction to Mindful workplaces
  • Practical steps in using Mindfulness in Leadership
  • Micro-Mindfulness in the workplace and how easy it is to utilise Mindfulness in what you already do


We also explore how to work in the current climate, dealing with change and uncertainty.

"I would like to say a big thank you to Poole Mindfulness for all of the invaluable sessions you have provided to us during lockdown and subsequently. A significant number of people within our team have benefitted from your practices". Lesley Fox, Partner


Half-day, 3 hour workshop. Various dates and times. Limited spaces.

Cost: £75. Included in the cost of the training are resources and mindfulness practices for you to take forward in your organisation.

Join us on online via Microsoft Teams in small interactive groups.


"Mindfulness in the workplace has been incredible. My team are more calm, less stressed and more productive! Chris came in to our team for 5 sessions once a week and I saw the transformation after the first session. We work so much better as a team now and our results are showing the benefits, thank you". Pete, Director

If you want to get the best out of your business, you need to get the best out of your staff

Mindfulness in Leadership and Management Workshop Certificate

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