Mindful Employer

We work with forward thinking companies who understand that investing in their staff’s training and wellbeing is the best way to invest in their business.

Why would we want to become a Mindful Employer?


What does being a Mindful Employer show your clients, customers, competitors and wider network?

  • You value your staff, their wellbeing, and their individuality and how that contributes to your business.
  • You look after your team, which means you look after your customers and clients
  • You are recognising your commitment to your staff's emotional and mental wellbeing, as well as their physical wellbeing
  • That you are a forward thinking organisation
  • You are an open-minded and evolving team which benefits your employees (Investing in employee wellbeing can reduce stress related absence by 67%, (Netterstrom, 2013))


What does it take to become a Mindful Employer?


You can become a Mindful Employer with Poole Mindfulness by meeting the following requirements:

  • Your staff having attended either a Mindfulness course, or regular Mindfulness at Work sessions
  • A commitment to Mindfulness in the workplace through:
    • Regular Mindfulness sessions (minimum once a month)
    • Promoting a Mindful workplace though our recommendations
  • A commitment to valuing your staff and their wellbeing

Some Mindful Employers we've worked with:

Some Feedback:

"Mindfulness in the workplace has been incredible. My team are more calm, less stressed and more productive! Chris came in to our team for 5 sessions once a week and I saw the transformation after the first session. We work so much better as a team now and our results are showing the benefits, thank you".

"All of it was incredibly interesting and useful, and really enlightening to be introduced to a new way of viewing and getting to know yourself"

"A very big thank you from me to Chris for so eloquently and professionally introducing me to new ideas and opening my mind to a new way to be grateful for whom I am, what I have, and for the life that I live"