Waking up from a restful night’s sleep you find yourself feeling easily motivated to sit and settle for your morning mindfulness practice. 

After sitting for ten minutes, you feel refreshed and revitalised and you enjoy a cup of tea whilst getting ready for the day.

You notice the scent of your shower gel in the shower, the beads of hot water bouncing off your skin. 

Your breakfast has more taste to it, and you feel good about starting your day in the best possible way. 

Your family and the people around you are frantic, rushing around as usual. You're busy too, but you feel calm, focused and confident. 

Throughout the day life presents its challenges, obstacles, twists and turns, and you find that you feel at ease, peaceful, content and fulfilled. 

Someone says to you that they notice the difference in you since you’ve started mindfulness. You feel more present, more engaged with life. 

When it comes to spending time with those closest to you, you feel more connected. You see them more clearly as they are in each moment, and they see you. 

This is the power of mindfulness. By getting the most out of each moment. With 47% of our lives lost in thought (Harvard), mindfulness helps us live more. 

Allow yourself the gift of mindfulness.

The Mindful Resilience Course