7 Modules to Mindful Resilience

In as little as 10 minutes a day, you can gain the tools you need to live the best life you want to live.

Complete the online recorded 7 modules to enrich your life.

Access each module online, in your own time, at your own pace. Lifetime access is included with the course.

"The best mindfulness course I have ever done!" Clive

Back by science, each module contains a recorded video lesson, 10 minute mindfulness practice, daily challenges, sources of motivation and inspiration, and a Micro-Mindfulness practice. Plus more...


"After waking from a restful night’s sleep I find myself feeling easily motivated to sit and settle for my morning mindfulness practice. 

After sitting for ten minutes, I feel refreshed and revitalised and enjoy my cup of tea whilst getting ready for the day.

I notice the taste of my tea, I'm aware of the scent of my shower gel in the shower, the beads of hot water bouncing off my skin. 

My breakfast has more taste to it, and I feel good about starting my day in the best possible way. 

My family and the people around me notice the difference. I shared the course with my husband. He's now calmer, and more resilient.

Throughout the day life presents its challenges, obstacles, twists and turns, and I find that I feel at ease, peaceful, content and fulfilled. 

When it comes to spending time with those closest to me, I feel more connected". 

Carol - Completed The Mindful Resilience Course in July 2021


Allow yourself the gift of mindfulness.

What's included in each module:



This module is about laying the foundations ready to kick start the rest of the course.

Start off with a ten minute video talk introducing the topic and move onto the daily mindfulness practice. Complete the challenge for this module and discover the inspiration to keep you on the path.

  • Learn how to master your mind
  • Develop focus, perspective, and clarity
  • Begin to notice how much control you have in your life
  • Backed up by science and the latest research
  • Start to understand our emotions and how they motivate us to move in different directions

In this module: 

10 minute video lesson  |  Mindfulness practice  |  Challenges to complete  |  Source of inspiration/ motivation | Micro-mindfulness practice



Building from the previous module we introduce a way of exploring how life has more freedom than you might realise.

  • Explore the power you have to take control of your life
  • Learn how to positively impact your mind state into one of freedom, choice, and confidence
  • Learn the difference between reacting, and responding, and move your life in a direction that has meaning and value
  • Create better relationships
  • Make better decisions in line with what's important to you

In this module: 

13 minute video lesson  |  Mindfulness practice  |  Challenges to complete  |  Source of inspiration/ motivation | Micro-mindfulness practice



This module introduces how mindfulness and resilience go hand in hand to help us cope with the here and now, and with the future.

  • Learn how we can build resilience through attending to the present moment
  • Understand how resilience is formed, and learn how to bounce back from adversity
  • Discover what your natural strengths are and how to feed these
  • Gain confidence about navigating difficulties

In this module: 

15 minute video lesson  |  Mindfulness practice  |  Challenges to complete  |  Source of inspiration/ motivation | Micro-mindfulness practice



Most of our thinking actually falls beneath our conscious detection. Yet our thoughts and beliefs drive our life with profound implications.

  • Tune into what your mind is telling you
  • Gain more freedom and choice over thoughts and beliefs
  • Find more ease with difficult thoughts
  • Develop more freedom in your actions

In this module: 

16 minute video lesson  |  Mindfulness practice  |  Challenges to complete  |  Source of inspiration/ motivation | Micro-mindfulness practice



Emotions come and go, yet it is very common to struggle with emotions from time to time. We might struggle with stress, worry or anxiety, low mood, or even find it difficult allowing ourselves to be happy. This module uses mindfulness and the latest research from neuroscience to explore how we can manage our emotions with ease.

  • Find more peace in your own body
  • Gain insights into the nature of your emotional world
  • Learn what science says about emotions
  • Develop skill in dealing with all your emotions
  • Feel comfortable in your own skin

In this module: 

16 minute video lesson  |  Mindfulness practice  |  Challenges to complete  |  Source of inspiration/ motivation | Micro-mindfulness practice


Module 6: JUST BEING

This module shows how easy is is to drift from being a human being, to a human doing. And how we can use mindfulness to just be.

  • Learn how to be content in the moment
  • Master skills of relaxation
  • Understand how we can become addicted to being busy and doing, doing, doing

In this module: 

10 minute video lesson  |  Mindfulness practice  |  Challenges to complete  |  Source of inspiration/ motivation | Micro-mindfulness practice



This final module explores ideas for integrating what you have learnt into your day to day life so that you can make mindfulness a lasting habit.

  • Understand how to apply mindfulness to every waking moment
  • Notice the many opportunities we have in our day to practice developing our mindfulness
  • Mindfulness as a way of living

In this module: 

10 minute video lesson  |  Mindfulness practice  |  Challenges to complete  |  Source of inspiration/ motivation | Micro-mindfulness practice

Chris Finn Poole Mindfulness

Delivered by Chris Finn, lead Trainer for Poole Mindfulness.

"An exciting combination of everything that I have learnt over my career teaching mindfulness and helping people get the best out of life".

What people are saying:

"I thought I was super busy, but I got hooked on the course! Really impressive the content in there. I loved the videos and the mindful challenges. It really suited me. I learnt loads!" (Clive)

"Very impressed. Professional and friendly. Love the videos and the mix between the modules. I really liked the overview in the first module and how to apply in everyday life. I learnt a lot about emotions and how to see things through new eyes. I really like the challenge cards as well".

Cost for 1 year access:



  • 75 minutes of video
  • 12 mindfulness practices
  • Reading and inspiration
  • Challenges to keep you motivated
  • Supported with emails throughout the course
  • Connection and support from private Facebook group
  • 1 year access
  • Certificate of completion

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:


How does the course work?

The course comes with 7 modules. Each module comes with a recorded video lesson that teaches you the topic. You then access a mindfulness practice for that module which guides you through gaining the skills for that particular module, building your resilience as you go. Each module also comes with short micro-mindfulness practices, a challenge card to motivate you through the module, and a source of inspiration which helps make it all click together. If you have any questions throughout the course, you can email me direct.


How long does the course take?

The course comes with lifetime access, so you can progress at your own speed. I recommend that you spend 5-7 days on each module, but some people take longer. You can also come back and repeat each module as often as you like. I know that some people have actually gone through the course 2-3 times.


Where do I start? Can I start with the module that interests me the most?

I would recommend that you start at module 1. The course was designed to be progressive, and it builds the necessary skills for resilience and mindfulness as you go. Module 1 teaches focus and concentration, which is needed for resilience, as well as the ability to shift focus and attention. This will make more sense as you progress and learn more.


I'm not sure if mindfulness is for me, I struggle to sit still, and when I do, I can't focus and my mind is too busy.

It sounds like your mind is doing what it was designed to do (think). Our minds are busy and some research says that we have as many as 60,000 thoughts a day. The same research shows that on average, our minds wander 47% of the time. So when you sit down and try to be still, you become aware of all of this, and just how busy our minds are. Plus, if life is busy, it will be a challenge to sit still sometimes. This course will guide you through mindfulness in new ways so that you learn how to manage all of this.


If you have any questions, email Chris direct here