Understanding & Managing Burnout In Healthcare

We get into healthcare because we want to support others. But this can leave us feeling burntout. We often don't get any training on burnout, what it is, or how to prevent or manage it. This workshop addresses those gaps in practical and evidence-based ways.

This workshop answers the following questions:

  • What exactly is burnout?
  • How is burnout now understood in psychology?
  • What is compassion fatigue?
  • What is vicarious trauma?
  • How can we prevent burnout in healthcare?
  • How does the mind and body deal with stress?
  • How can we manage burnout?
  • What are the obstacles and how can we tackle them?

Delivered by Chris Finn, lead Trainer for Poole Mindfulness & Psychology. Chris is a Clinical Lecturer in Psychology, an accredited Senior Psychotherapist, Supervisor, and a Mindfulness Teacher. Chris has worked in senior positions in the NHS and has worked with thousands of people helping to increase resilience and improve wellbeing.

In this module: 

1 hour recorded workshop

Cost: £10

What previous participants have said:

"Really helpful thank you. I'd never actually heard of compassion fatigue, and now I know that I have it! I also know how to manage it and look after myself and my patients better in the future". Claire, Nurse