We provide high quality Continued Professional Development training for Healthcare Professionals.

Our primary focus is on teaching practical CPD where you can use psychology in your daily role. 

Below you will find links to access some live, and some recordings of trainings and workshops we have previously run. You can find out more and book/ purchase any of these below.

If you would like one of these workshops, or similar session ran for your team or Trust, contact us direct for something bespoke. We deliver training online virtually, and also face to face.

Motivational Interviewing

MI is a fantastic tool for you to tap into your patient's own values and motivation for change. Giving the power back to the patient, you can help them to help themselves. "I would highly recommend this course"  Jenny, OT

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Working With Anxiety In Healthcare

When anxiety creates an obstacle to behaviour change it can really impede the recovery process. Learn practical and evidence-based techniques to use with your patients in this half-day CPD workshop.

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Working With Chronic Pain

Drawing on the biopsychosocial model and the latest research in Neuroscience, CBT, Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), this CPD helps you understand how to break the cycle of chronic pain with short, practical and evidence-based techniques. 

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Mindfulness In Healthcare

The research in Mindfulness and the benefits in healthcare has increased dramatically in the last ten years, with promising results showing mindfulness can improve patient engagement, and recovery rates, not to mention reducing stress and burnout in healthcare professionals.

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Mindfulness In OT & Physio

Learn how to incorporate Mindfulness into your clinical practice with your patients. This CPD has been specifically developed for Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists. Recommended by 100% of previous attendees. 

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Development Workshops

A series of workshops and materials to build resilience and improve wellbeing. For healthcare professionals who know that supporting themselves allows them to thrive in supporting others.

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What Health Professionals are saying:

A fabulous course

“A fabulous course. I am feeling much more confident in using mindfulness with my patients. Thank you to Chris for an excellent format and offering ideas and guidance clinically. The small group format made it easy to interact with others on the course.”

Rachel, Physiotherapist 

Fantastic use of my time and money

“I would 100% recommend this course. I cannot explain what a fantastic use of my time and money this was. It’s hard to find time as a student, employee and parent to dedicate to CPD but this training was without doubt worth every penny and every minute. I can already tell it is going to have a positive impact on my work and my personal experience as a healthcare professional.”

Natalie, Occupational Therapist

Would defiantly recommend my colleagues

Great CPD thank you. I liked the specific links to my profession. I learnt a lot in the 2 hours and it worked really well online. I would defiantly recommend my colleagues go on this training. Great introduction to Mindfulness and prospective applications to professions such as Physiotherapy.

Aicha, Physiotherapist

I liked the theory and links to OT

Really helpful, thank you. I liked the theory and links to OT including the use of activities of daily living. I think perfectly good for an initial 2 hour training. I had initially thought mindfulness was much more complicated to apply in practice.

Victoria, Senior OT

Really interesting and very relevant to my role

“The Motivational Interviewing training was really interesting and very relevant to my role as a Neuro-Physiotherapist. It will enable my skills of communicating with patients, carers, and colleagues. The course was very well run with an appropriate level of content. I will definitely recommend this course.”

Jenny, OT

Knowledgeable and lots of insight and examples

“Chris and Liam were both very knowledgeable and gave lots of insight and examples of what you can do to help individuals move forward. It was great and works well for many different organisations.”

Whitney, Physiotherapist

Full of information and practical examples

“Brilliant session, packed full of information and practical examples to use in practice. I would definitely recommend to my colleagues!”

Katherine, Nurse

Very helpful and practical

“Our session was very helpful and Chris made it very practical. We all left feeling confident in using the techniques and principles with our patients.”

Liz, Senior Physiotherapist

Excellent CPD Training

“Chris delivered a very engaging and informative CPD training session for us, which was professional and well arranged. Interactive and delightfully informal. Further, I learnt from the session and will be applying this to my practice. Excellent.”

Dr Tom, GP

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