Mindfulness in the Workplace - Case Study 

Mindfulness at Work for Mazars

Poole Mindfulness was commissioned to deliver an introduction to mindfulness in Poole, Dorset. Mazars was interested in how to incorporate mindfulness at work, and how to apply mindfulness in every day work. We delivered two sessions to the 40 staff prior to Covid-19. Mazars, like most other organisations, then found that the staff were required to work from home due to government guidelines.

Poole Mindfulness was then able to deliver a Mindfulness at Work programme to the staff remotely. We focused on managing the distractions at home, working with boundaries with home/work life, managing change and stress, and increasing resilience during the time of the Pandemic.

Sessions were then opened up to Mazars nationally, allowing up to 2,000 staff to access the mindfulness in the workplace sessions. Staff soon reported benefits including:

"Greater clarity of thinking”
“Improved sleep”
“More calm starting my day”
“Sets me up for a focused day”
“Less distracted”
“Less worry”
“Less anxiety”
“Clarity of purpose”
“Heightened awareness”

Following The Mindfulness at Work Programme, the below results are based on the feedback we received:

  • 97% of people felt more calm

  • 97% felt more focused, and less distracted

  • 93% said they were less stressed

  • 93% reported being more engaged with their work

Poole Mindfulness was then asked to help onboard the new interns with a Mindfulness at Work introduction and follow up sessions.


Some of the feedback we received:

I would wholeheartedly recommend Chris as an outstanding lead in the mindfulness field. He has led excellent, in demand mindfulness sessions at our firm which have been very well received by both seasoned mindfulness practitioners and those who are completely new to mindfulness. He is also flexible, able to give guidance for best approach whilst also being amenable to requirements of the firm. Thank you, Chris.

"I would like to say a big thank you to Poole Mindfulness for all of the invaluable sessions you have provided to us during lockdown and subsequently. A significant number of people within our team have benefitted from your practices".

"Thank you for your time and delivery of your sessions. They have been received really well and I know have been beneficial to many across the firm during this difficult times".

"We had fantastic feedback as expected from the Interns, truly inspiring".

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