Adapting To Change In Healthcare

Change can be stressful. But it doesn't have to be. Learn the factors that influence whether you see change as a positive, or a struggle, and how you can adopt a 'growth mindset'. Understand how we can begin to master the ever changing nature of healthcare, and thrive in the face of change.

This workshop answers the following questions and more:

  • Why is change stressful?
  • How can we manage feeling 'out of control' with change?
  • How can we manage change and adapt with speed and ease?
  • The science behind habit formation - How do we make new changes stick?

Delivered by Chris Finn, lead Trainer for Poole Mindfulness & Psychology. Chris is a Clinical Lecturer in Psychology, an accredited Senior Psychotherapist, Supervisor, and a Mindfulness Teacher. Chris has worked in senior positions in the NHS and has worked with thousands of people helping to increase resilience and improve wellbeing.

In this module: 

1 hour, 10 minute recorded workshop

Cost: £10

What previous participants have said:

"Extremely insightful"

"Very helpful, practical and relevant, thank you"