8 Week Mindfulness Course for Healthcare Professionals

100% of the attendees from the last cohort said that they would recommend this course to a colleague 


Here's some of the feedback from our last cohort:

"I would recommend this course to anyone. I particularly liked the practical live participation with nuggets of scientific and psychological information outlining why mindfulness is helpful. There's lots more I can say but really I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful course!" Jenny, Physiotherapist

"Having just completed the 8 week mindfulness course with Chris, I would highly recommend to everyone! Before starting the course I had come across mindfulness but was unsure whether I truly understood it. Through completing the course, mindfulness is something I am motivated to do, as it brings me awareness of my thoughts and feelings and therefore what I need more/less of that day. The course has really helped me understand mindfulness so much more so I can use it both for myself in everyday life to ensure self-care, wellbeing and better understanding of myself, but I can also use it within my physio work and everyday interactions to help others. The course was well structured and thought-out. It covered so much more than I thought it would including thoughts, emotions, compassion, self-care, habits. It built and progressed each week with very manageable supplementary reading and practises each week which were great to keep me on track between sessions and to use once the course ended. With a mix of teaching styles including visuals, discussions, practises, breakout rooms, life examples; the hour each week was very informative and flew by! Very good value for money and life-long lessons!, Lucy, Physiotherapist

"The 8 week mindfulness course gave me much more than I ever expected. I wanted to find a method to bring some calmness into my life. The depth of knowledge provided on the course was brilliant and it really helped me make sense of the reasons why we behave in certain ways. It also made me realise the importance of the here and now and recognising that for short periods of time it is possible to be present without racing ahead. I have a long way to go but thanks to Chris I now have the tools that I can take forwards into the rest of my life. I would highly recommend this course to anyone, you will not be disappointed." Sarah, Physiotherapist

"Chris is an inspirational teacher, he teaches from his heart. His passion for the subject shines through. He is very generous with both his considerable knowledge and his time. Each of the weekly sessions is backed up by  excellent reading material, videos & home practices. Chris is available between sessions via one to one Zoom sessions or email. Because the course is specifically for health professionals the participants have similar interests, stresses & experiences & sharing is helpful in break out rooms. Although the course is primarily for the attendees there is no doubt that what is learnt will spill over into professional life. I would highly recommend this course to anyone in healthcare & have learnt so much that will be of benefit to me both personally & at work". Chris, Neuro Physiotherapist.
“I enjoyed this 8 week mindfulness course and would highly recommend it to anyone who is new to mindfulness, and for those who wants to further develop their mindfulness practice. Chris’s passion for mindfulness and his compassion in supporting the Healthcare Professions permeate through how he teaches. The abundant support materials are very helpful, they allow me to process my learning and to deepen my daily practice at my own pace. I really appreciate how Chris readily shares his wealth of knowledge and teaching from his heart. Chris’s calm, clear, soothing and grounded voice guide me through the practice with ease. His voice helps me to stay focus with my practice and aware of those small differences. His ways of teaching enhanced my yoga practice and being mindful to appreciate the simple joys of life”.  Nicoll, Counsellor
"I have previously struggled with mindfulness as it used to feel really boring and, while practicing, I was getting a distinct feeling that I was somehow doing it all wrong so I never persevered with it. I thought it was pointless and like mindfulness was just not for me. I found this course really, really helpful to the point that currently I practice mindfulness daily and feel refreshed and lighter afterwards. Chris was able to guide the mindfulness practices so clearly and practically that they just seemed natural and easy for me for the first time". Damian, Psychotherapist
"I was impressed with the warm, friendly non-judgemental manner in which Chris delivered this course. The sessions were delivered in a way that was easily understandable and  reading material provided was extremely useful in helping me get to grips with developing my own mindfulness practice.  I would have happily done a 16 or 32 week course if that had been available and I particularly appreciated the way Chris shared his knowledge and understanding of mindfulness, often through snippets of his own life experiences. Chris offered one to one time outside of the course for additional support as well as providing access to guided practice sessions lasting 1 minute to 20 minutes which continue to be available to course attendees after the course has finished. I am finding that these continue to motivate me to carry on with mindfulness practice. I would recommend this course to any one working in health care as it is helpful and beneficial to one's mental well being".  Helen, Nurse

"Chris’s passion for mindfulness transpires through his teaching and this contributes to  create an experience that is both authentic and transformative. His knowledge, warmth and compassionate attitude supported me and the group through our learning in a way that was encouraging, and at the same time respectful of our subjective pace and level of engagement. Chris has a soothing voice and the recorded exercises helped me to engage with the practice of mindfulness in a way that promoted openness and curiosity towards the experience. Through the 8 weeks, I acquired a deeper sense of awareness about the connection between myself, my body and the surrounding space. Chris also provided a plethora of informative material that can be accessed even after the course has ended. Overall, the course is excellent value for money and I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to gain or deepen mindfulness skills". Annalisa,